Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Go with Vision

A new adventure begins.
My 4 Pillars of Success Blog.
My mentors say vision is enough to get started, don't get hung up on strategy, so here we go.

This blog is intended to extend a management approach I have developed and currently deploy in my role as Creative Group Manager at one of the worlds leading digital agencies, Critical Mass .

I call this approach the 4 Pillars of Success.
The term pillar is used to represent a vertical scale of competency and accomplishment.

My vision for this blog is to extend and expand the 4 Pillars by engaging in conversation with a larger and more diverse community of creative professionals.
I offer this simple definition of a creative professional; a person is in a creative profession when their main job is to think and to create new standard approaches for fixing the problem at hand.

The Four Pillars of Success
• Creativity
• Client Leadership
• Team Leadership
• Fiscal Acumen

I look forward to diving into all aspects of these pillars in future posts.
For now I'll leave you with this overview from a presentation I did during a Beer Camp (inspired by Bar Camp) at Critical Mass.


Jooles said...

right on Shaw. I look forward to getting in on the conversation

Aaron said...

Taking a page out of your own book and executing! Look forward to seeing Shaw stylized diagrams.

KC Shaw said...

thanks for the support - I'm looking forward to this venture.