Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Technique revisited

More on a Technique for Getting Ideas

I’ve had some great feedback on the previous post (unfortunately they didn’t come through comments on this blog)

I recently revisited Paul Ardens amazing book “It’s Not How Good You Are It’s How Good You Want to Be.” and it turns out this is where I first learned of “Technique”.
Arden’s book is a must read for anyone driven by originality.
Here is a quote from Arden on Young’s book.
“It doesn’t give you ideas, but it helps you sort out what you want to say and helps you arrive at an original and relevant solution.”
My first encounter with this quote led me to search out the book and create the previous post. (Here I thought I needed to improve my habits when in fact it is my old school bookmarking that failed me.)

Here is a great post from Shawn at Anecdote summarizing Young’s 5 steps. Amazon has the book as well. I’ve ordered a copy as I’m curious to see the differences between it and the PDF linked to in the previous post.
For CM readers, I'll be adding this book and Arden's to our company library.

In my mind this is the essence of creative process. Would you agree?