Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Fiscal Acumen

This post introduces the Fiscal Pillar and completes the foundation for this blog.

Creativity and Fiscal Acumen?
Contrary to first blush these are not mutually exclusive concepts.
We're talking commercial creativity, our clients pay us to help them increase returns and remove barriers to growing their businesses and organizations.
I have no problem stating fiscal ineptitude will rapidly decrease credibility and opportunity. This pillar permits some coaching, knowledge sharing and business POV's that are sometimes held hostage by the account, sales or finance masters in our midst.

Ultimately the creative leader is charged with the seemingly disparate goals of driving ROI to both their client and host organization. Competency here is entirely dependent on understanding business models, pricing structures, industry verticals, market influences, consumer behavior and competitive analysis.
Advanced strategic thinking and business comprehension will lead to selling the right work in turn connecting the Fiscal Pillar to the Client & Creativity Pillars.
Sounds like a formula for advancing your portfolio to me.

Practically, creative people are tasked with informing account plans, project plans, budgets, work orders and estimates. The effort can be dry as toast and distracting. Elevated fiscal competencies ensure accuracy and efficiency in developing these essential business records and permit a quick return to the more inspired aspects of creative roles.

Lets pry the lid off the Fiscal Pillar in more detail in future posts.

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